The Youth Sport Podcast With Rianna Poskin

Rianna with Omar McPherson on racism in sport, being an international athlete, grace and understanding

March 4, 2021

I'd like to thank Omar McPherson for having a serious conversation with me about many things in this chat, but especially, our main topic: racism in sport.

Omar has a really cool story about coming to the United States from Clarendon, Jamaica to pursue his love of soccer and to get an education. Omar played soccer at California University of PA, coached and worked at Cal and now coaches youth soccer in the State of California!

I listened to our conversation a few times after the fact, because each time I did, I picked up on something new that Omar said. I really hope that this episode inspires you to go and have your own conversation about how we can make an impact on youth athletes, and have, as Omar puts it, "exponential" positive change in their environment.

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