The Youth Sport Podcast With Rianna Poskin

Rianna with Dr. Jim Taylor on Toxicity in Youth Sport, Sport Psychology and Youth Sport Success

April 8, 2021

"We want mental wellness, not mental hell-ness!" - Dr. Taylor

This episode on The Youth Sport Podcast was great in so many ways. The reality of becoming an elite athlete and becoming a pro is often lost on misguided parents and coaches. Dr. Jim Taylor has been working with elite athletes, researched and taught Sport Psychology, has created countless resources to help parents and kids along their sport journey, as well speaks publicly to sport groups and schools about how to create the best sport environment for upcoming athletes.

His stories will shake up your reality and also offer some perspective on how we're operating and how we could benefit from taking a step back and re-evaluating our coaching and parenting philosophies.

Dr. Jim Taylor has many free resources to help you along your sport journey which can be found on his website,

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